Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Further Thought On Twilight

"Well, I hear the books are better than the movies?"
"Yeah, but crap that's better than shit is still
crap, y'know?"

I think I've come up with another reason why Twilight is awful. (For those counting, this would be reason number umpteen-million and three.)

Consider this: I have heard no stories of young children being abducted by pedophiles who have used Twilight to lure them away.

Star Wars? Sure. Harry Potter? Disney's anything? Barney, even? All of those have gotten many a pedophile some jail time. Twilight? I haven't heard a peep about it. I've heard more from furries empowered by are then vamps and were-people than I have from pedophiles.

And really, that's frightening. It's a story about young girls falling in love with considerably older, pale, skinny men who are antagonized by buff jock-types and oppressive laws. This should be fodder for pedos. They should be buying body glitter by the palette. Instead, nothing. Not even a spike in lip gloss sales.

Twilight is so awful even pedophiles won't read it. Shit.

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