Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Addiction

The BBC reported today that British scientists have agreed it is mean spirited and "humiliating" to call heroine users "junkies" or "addicts."

Somehow, this is bad for them. The article goes on to state that being an addict now is like being gay or developmentally challenged 30 years ago.

Bullshit. They don't think addiction is the problem of the addicted? Of course it is. They were retarded enough to try something insanely stupid and instantly addictive. How is that not their fault? That'd be like saying it's not my fault I'm an astronaut, I just joined the air force, signed up for astronaut training, passed and beat out 98% of the competition so now I'm fucking stuck in low Earth orbit. But, guys, it's totally not my fault!

Here's a better idea: instead of calling them "addicts" or "junkies," how about we start calling heroine users "Fucking Assholes?" That way, every time someone asks for money to buy heroin, someone else can yell at them, "WHAT ARE YOU, A FUCKING ASSHOLE!?" I feel like that might just give heroin addicts the little jump start they need to put their lives in order. An "addict" can pity himself, but no one ever wants to be called a fucking asshole.

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