Thursday, August 19, 2010

On Becoming A Media Tour de Force

A bit of rescheduling this week:

I had intended to spend my week in idle study of popular culture, crafting my ever-present, mysterious Book. This would then end in a weekend spent in Long Island where I am likely to be interviewed as background information for a friend's appearance in a reality show pilot. However, the production company is fickle and since my schedule is rather fluid this week, I am now spending today in Long Island (though I write this in advance), and shall be home for fun and shenanigans this weekend.

And yet it occurs to me: despite a distinct lack of monetary success or even wide recognition, I am accumulating all the trappings of a New-Media power player.
  • I have a (hopefully) funny daily blog with a unified theme, often based on current pop-culture and/or utilizing a diary-like format.

  • I write my Twitter as if I had 300 times the number of followers I actually have, maximizing hilarity and minimizing the inconsequential.

  • I have had work appear in or on third-party websites, blogs, podcasts, newsprint, traditional radio, small literary magazines, a large poetry collection, music on YouTube, my own webcomic and soon I may get airtime on cable television.

  • And as a special announcement: Sound A Doggy Makes will be covering the 2010 NY Comic Con this year, interviewing fans and anyone else who feels like it for opinions on big announcements and the whole shebang. Also, I may be dressed like Tony Stark.
Frankly, I see all of this as resúmé building. When I become rich and famous, all of this will suddenly become a bigger deal and I'll have plenty of old material for people to go back and look at, and they'll realize I've been around for a while already.

Still, I'd trade most of it to get the hell out of my mother's basement.

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  1. I was totally gonna attend the NY Comic Con!! But I have no money. =/


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