Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, in addition to a 3D concert movie, is starring in a bio-pic of himself. He is also "writing" a memoir.

Honestly, at 14 or whatever, what do you really have to put into a biography?

On the other hand, you're 14 or whatever, and you've become a millionaire after people discovered your "good" singing on YouTube and you became famous. That's pretty much every American teen's dream.

But maybe I shouldn't say shit. I mean I'm not famous, after all. Oh yeah, and the last guy to talk shit about Bieber's friend had to shut down his mobile account after Beiger tweeted "Call me" followed by the kid's phone number, resulting in 26,000 texts.

Which, incidentally, violates Twitter's Terms of Service and is sparking a "Suspend Bieber" hashtag movement. Excellent.

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