Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Zedonks

Christ Wire, sadly not a religiously-themed anti-terrorism television series, has decided that the recent birth of a donkey-zebra hybrid in Georgia is part of a Godless agenda pushing the lie that is evolution.

Problems I Have With This:
  • Zedonks and Zonkeys have existed for years. Why wait until now to tear down the lies?
  • Zonkeys occur naturally wherever zebras and donkeys exist in close proximity. Clearly, the Devil has been undermining the Word of the Bible himself, utilizing the false truth called 'natural' selection.
  • Christ Wire claims this will inevitably lead to demands for the legalization of interspecies marriage and mating, as well as other "perverted" unions. Corret me if I'm wrong, but I thought it was those "other" unions that led to interspecies marriage with dogs and ducks. If we're ever going to tear down the secular humanists, we're going to have to put up a united front, at least until everyone we disagree with has been thoroughly eradicated.
  • The Word of God is fact because the Bible says so. Some people don't understand this, and we'll burn convert them with time, but until them we should at least pretend to use their own logic to tear them down. We shouldn't have to condescend to their level, but you can't reason reasonably with the unreasonable.
  • This particular abomination is so adorable it must be especially evil.

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