Saturday, August 21, 2010

On Legal Contracts

So I can't reveal the details due to part of the confidentiality clause, but yesterday I signed a contract allowing a certain music television corporation certain rights to use my person, likeness, voice, quotes and anything else in a television pilot.

Actual Permissions Granted In the Contract I Signed:
  • "… in all forms in perpetuity throughout the universe." - Really?? Do we really include this is appearance waivers? I thought that was only in movies but, no, there it is on page one, line two. Jebus, I feel like 'in any form forever' should suffice. Are we actually getting to the point where we're anticipating a legal battle over whether or not they have the right to show their own T.V. program on Alpha Centauri? That's 4.37 light years away! They haven't even gotten The Hills yet!

  • "[grant the right to] misrepresent, mislead or lie to [you to further the theme of the show]." - Well, it is reality T.V. after all.

  • to "exploit" the contestant. - I'm not even making this up; it legitimately says they can "exploit" you. Wonderful.
On the up side, they bought us fried pickle chips, and Snooki ate those on the Season 2 premier of The Jersey Shore and loved them. So there's that.

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