Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old People Can Convince You of Anything

"They're handle bars. Ride me like a bike. Be a man."
Today an old man told me The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was based off of Pippi Longstocking.

Oh, man, did I want to call shenanigans, but how could I? He seemed really sure of himself. And I've only read the first 40 pages of the book, how could I refute him?

Of course it doesn't matter that he was technically right, the point is an old person could tell you anything with a straight face and we just believe them. Why not? They're the voice of experience, they fought wars for us. Or for something. It depends on which war, actually; they might have fought for nothing.

The point is, we've been societally conditioned to respect and honor and at least assume our elders are being generally truthful.

Of course, he could have also been senile, but it would have been horrible to call him a Alzheimeric old fool. Either way, I'm going to walk around spouting all kinds of entirely believable lies to young folks once I'm old enough to look possibly senile. Then they'll have to Google the information on their iTerminal 6GS's

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