Thursday, January 5, 2012

On Height

I read a study a day or so ago, claiming that people in a position of power become legitimately convinced that they are taller than they really are, at least relative to a metal rod as viewed without direct reference. Basically, people told they were important guessed the pole was the same height as they were or at least underestimated the discrepancy between the two. Less empowered individuals were much more accurate.

It reminds me of a few months back when I got into an argument with a friend of mine resulting in the surprising revelation that I am a full inch taller than I thought I was.

Just yesterday I read that Robert Downey Jr supposedly is wearing 3" inserts in his shoes for Iron Man 3 so he'd look taller than his actual 5'8".

So, basically, Officer SPF-1000 there is about an inch
taller than me, Jenni there is 2" shorter, and the one in
the middle is the mummified corpse of 14 year old
boy-prince Tutankhamen.
And just now I've read that I am supposedly taller than every female on "Jersey Shore" and Ronnie.

The point, I guess, is I need to get me a professional tailor because I thought all of these rejects were like a solid 6'.

Conan O'Brien is still some kind of mutant giant, though.

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