Thursday, January 26, 2012

WTF is Going on Here? | Confusing Advertising

So Photoshopped Abe Lincoln head guy is running out of a church with his new bride.

We are told that such happiness can come as the result of saving money. [Note: one does not generally save money by having a wedding.]

We are then directed to a website: "Feed The" Barring the use of spaces in a web address and the notion of ever capitalizing a non-leading "the" in a title, what is this pig? A piggy bank, I guess?

So what is Lincoln? A $5 bill? She's happy she's marrying a $5 bill? And stuffing him in her pig. At a website. For a company named "AICPA."

And this was all approved and found acceptable by some kind of Ad Council. Who gave them authority? Over anything, really? Was that person authorized to do so? I don't believe they'd have been authorized to make graphic design decisions.

What else are we not seeing in this vast conspiracy of stupid?

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