Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Types of Job Security by X-Men Team Member

Warren Worthington/Angel - You're the boss' kid. Also a billionaire.

Wolverine - Indispensability: You're the best there is at what you do. Additionally, what you do may not be very nice. Double whammy.

Storm - You're the only black, female manager at your place of business. No one wants to here from the NAACP.

Prof. X - That's your name on the door. Even if you were dead, everyone just assumes it's a "temporary leave of absence."

Jean Grey - No one wants to see the office slut get fired.

Colossus - The foreign guy who doesn't know how much he should legally be making? Yeah, he's safe.

Emma Frost - You know who everyone's sleeping with. All those secrets.

Kitty Pryde - You get the coffee right every time. As much as everyone likes you and you're boyfriend is a giant, you're still just the paid intern, and that means the first sign of cutbacks or a doombringer meteor, you're last-hired, first-fired. Out of a planet-smashing giant bullet.

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