Sunday, April 3, 2011

Of Small Victories

Here was my great victory for today. No, I don't count finally hanging all the new photos and art we recently purchased in decorating my house, no, it wasn't cleaning out my DVD rack or finally getting around to rewatching Mark Harmon in "Summer School." It wasn't even taking notes on the first season of Jersey Shore and calling it "progress" on my book.

No, it was breaking the 220k mark in Tiny Wings.

Why? Because a week ago I was watching G4TV's Attack of the Show and heard host Kevin Pereira say that he had hung up his Tiny Wings hat after achieving a high score of 220k and then berated the crew for heckling him and finding out only one man there had come close with about 180,000.

Well you can go host a new offshoot of The Soup, Kevin, because I just made you superfluous in the world of Tiny Wings. And I'm only getting better. I've got two achievements left and then it looks like scores max out at 400,000 on the nose. That sweet, sweet 30x multiplier is going to be a game changer.

I officially challenge you, Mr. Pereira, though I'm sure you will never see this. I challenge you to take up once more your tiny wings and scoot hills and valleys for your honor.

I await your white glove, sir. May God grant you the dignity in defeat your AOTS contract seems to expressly forbid you.

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