Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

I have no interest in any of the things I just wrote. I have deleted them. The best thing was a joke about trampling old people for $3 off a copy of [multiple adjective clauses] Sister Sister Season 4. That's really the best I came up with. A whole bunch of ranting about wanting shit I don't need, and agonizing over whether it's smarter to buy something I kind of need down the road now for cheaper, or wait until I desperately need it and hope I find a decent price then.

Seriously? The biggest thing I need right now is a new power chord for my printer. $20 online. And I'm sitting here contemplating if I can get out of work at 4 to walk around the corner and see if Walmart's got the newer model printer for less than the regular $100, because OOO IT HAS WIFI.

Really? I'll pay $80 extra to get a new printer because I threw away the cable by accident when I moved my old one? Listen, I'll support the poultry-industrial complex, I'll tacitly gloss over the rape and execution of indigenous lands and peoples, but waiting four days while some asshole mails me a power chord? That's just unacceptable.

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