Friday, November 16, 2012

Reasons I'm An Asshole

  • I apparently threw out, misplaced, or donated the power chord to my printer when I moved back in September, and only now realized it when I need desperately t print a could things.
That's really it. I'm absolutely positive that there are a multitude of reasons why I'm an asshole, but right now I'm focusing more on the one that's inconveniencing me.

Emotional issues crippling love life? Nope, don't bother me, I need to print. I try out a rehearsed joke and it bombs like Chechnya? Still can't print. I'm a writer for god's sake. I should have noticed my inability to put printed words to paper long ago!

Now my Japanese ukiyoe-inspired Candyland pin-up sketch is going to have to wait until I get all this sorted out. And here I was all eager to look up traditional Asian skanks for a legitimate art project for once.

Ah well, such are the ways of skanks. They always come at a price.

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