Thursday, November 8, 2012


This guy is awesome. I have no idea who he is, but he got this right and 'real' cartoonists suck.

The Halloween table at work has been replaced by a Christmas display. Thanksgiving was never even given a chance. In all honesty, if it hadn't snowed violently all afternoon and evening yesterday, I'd have felt more conflicted about this. Alright, I was significantly upset by this until the snow, at which point I was enraged in the opposite direction. I said 'fuck it' and put on my holiday playlist.

But I find once the idea was in my head, I could not banish it: everything about Thanksgiving could easily be folded into either Halloween or Christmas without much fuss or complaint.

Celebration of Autumn? Halloween. Leaves? Same. Cornucopia? Jack-o-lantern. Huge meal and giving thanks with loved ones? Jesus Day. Christians in funny shoes? Nativity play. Parade? Please, everyone just watches that for Santa Claus. Football? Either, really.

It's all there. Just make sure you eat a turkey and everything really works out just fine. Hell, if you're Italian you could probably get away with a stock family Sunday dinner.

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  1. In my store, Halloween came out in August. We added a small table of Thanksgiving in the beginning of October, and it has remained there even now that the entire rest of the store is tinsel and jingle bells. WTF.


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