Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Movie Round-Up

I saw Skyfall a couple days ago, which was pretty cool. Short version: it was fun, but much smaller in scope, essentially a Bond film to further reset Bond continuity in favor of more Daniel Craig era stuff.

More importantly, I checked out what movies were playing and on the near horizon, and once again I'm massively disappointed in Hollywood's lack of original ideas.

Life of Pi
Based on a book by Yan Martel I read in college.

Based on the long-running property that came out of Iam Flemming novels.
Red Dawn
Remake of a 1984 movie about the exact same thing, except it was Russians.
The Chinese are just the only 'communist' nation with financing nowadays.

Based (at times loosely) on actual events from 1979-1981, including a fake
Hollywood movie.
Based on the book "Team of Rivals," itself a biography.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2
Based on a bound collection of pages I still refuse to acknowledge as a "book."

An original film by Robert Zemeckis.
Weck-It Ralph
Adorable, and an original story, though it relies heavily on
nostalgia and references/appearances by classic video game franchises.

Rise of the Guardians
Original plot, utilizing folk characters.
So yeah, one film that can stand on its own without calling out to previous works for its foundational elements. Great job.

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