Friday, January 1, 2010

On A New Year

Last night I rang in the new year/decade/day-we-start-using-the-cool-futuristic-"twenty-x"-dating-scheme with friends new and old, and plenty of alcohol.

I feel great personal and professional growth on the horizon.

I somehow buried the hatchet on an ancient grudge.

But most unsettling all night was the realization of one of my worst fears. Due to my penchant for daily being too cold to only have one layer of clothing, I have become recognized as the Friend Who Wears Extra Shirts.

I tried, guys, really. I tried switching it up. When it turned to Fall and Winter I cut out the button-ups every day and threw in some sweaters, some zips, some hoodie action. Even last night I put a button-up dress shirt over my layered Tees because I knew it would be cold, but also because I thought people would be confused if I showed up lookin' less-than my typical class-factor.

And yes, it seems I was already the FWWES. If it wasn't so goddam cold right now, if it wasn't the fuckin' middle of Winter you'd see me rockin' some arms out. Oh yeah, I've been working out. Thank you for noticing. I'm in the best shape of my life, actually, which goes back to my point about 2010 being a good year coming, but oh, never mind. It's cold out, and that means without three layers I'll shiver like a chihuahua outside my 80˚ natural habitat.

Fuck you, Winter.

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