Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Minority Angry Birds Angry Over Blatant Intolerance

So addictive. So angry.
I didn't notice until the update today, but all the Angry Birds Seasons levels are overtly Christian. Granted, they're exclusively commercialized-to-all-hell holidays, but they're all still unquestionably gentile in nature.
  • Christmas - given
  • Easter - also a gimme
  • St. Patrick's Day - technically a saint's day. That's Christian.
  • Valentine's Day - Also a saint's day.
  • Halloween - Okay, it's All Saints' Eve. That's all the saints. All of them.
Where are the other holidays? I mean I get why there's no Angry Birds: Ramadan Edition, but what about Duwali? Cinco de Mayo? You could totally to Cinco de Mayo. You just did Angry Birds: Rio. If you can do crazy, hot, tanned, possibly-tranny carninál, I feel like you could do some Aztec statues and Mayan pyramids.

And hey, if Easter came around, why not Passover? I'd think the Angry Birds trying to escape Pharaoh Pig's rule with their eggs should fit right into the mythos of the holiday. And all the other Jewish holidays! Chanukah, Purim, Sukot … Yom Kipur? We've got plenty of untapped, overly-commercialized holidays too.

Oh wait, no we don't. Weird. Seems like we'd want to sell out and earn a little something.

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