Thursday, April 28, 2011

Days of the Week, As Explained by an Unemployed Writer

Monday - The day I can actually finish a New York Times crossword. Oh who am I kidding? The LA Times. Maybe. If I steal one.

Tuesday - Glee is on!

Wednesday - Spend money driving to Dad's house, but get free dinner. Draw.

Thursday - Day I used to get paid.

Friday - Friends might actually want to do something. God, I hope they don't want to go out somewhere that costs money.

Saturday - Day I actually manage to do a little work. Feel accomplished, but depressed I worked over "my weekend." End up avoiding work through Tuesday to compensate.

Sunday - WHY ARE ALL THE STORES CLOSED SO EA- Crap. Oh well, might as well go home and watch Firefly. I can be productive tomorrow….
Most abusive GIF I could find, and it'll probably still get me extra perv-views.

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