Friday, April 8, 2011

Words That Bother Me

Words That Bother Me:
  • Breathed - It just sounds awful. You have "breath" but you "brEEth." You also "seethed" and "grieved" and "heaved," but for some reason my ear is miffed. It wants you hear that you "brothe" and "sathed" and "groved." Maybe even "hoved." You haved and sathed as you groved the orange grove you hoed.
  • Leaped - Same exact problem, except it is perfectly acceptable to say "leapt." But no one wants to. It sound so much classier! "Leapt" is full of class, you guys! While we're at it, you guys can totally use "dreamt" in daily use! I know you "dreamed," but "dreamed" is stupid. You sound stupid for using it. Say "dreamt." You'll sound like Shakespeare. Or Robert Browning. Or Captain Picard. Whatever works for you.
  • Pant - not like a dog, like the singular of "pants." I know "pants" used to be considered a dirty word, a slang-y diminutive for "pantaloons," but that doesn't exactly tell me what a "pantaloon" was. I doubt it was like a catamaran. I- I don't know why I just thought of that. Probably "pontoon?" I think it was because of "pontoon." But anyway, if I were tocut a pair of jeans down the middle and somehow make each affixable to my frame, I'd be calling each one a "pant."

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  1. What about wept? Is weeped a word? It can't be...


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