Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things To Do When I Am Rich

Firstly, When I am rich I've promised my friend Carolyn a snowboard. That's first because she said, "The first thing you need to do is buy me a snowboard," and wouldn't stop until I said, "Okay."

After that I've promised to buy a house and let a few people live in the basement apartment rent-free for a while. Mostly Joanne and her beau, but other people got this promise so it might be a little crowded down there. I'm sure Carolyn would be fine with a pull-out.

Then there's the obligatory buying of a maintenance-included apartment for my mom, the working new car for myself, a Honda Rebel for my motorcycle fixation, a coffee table, a television for my bedroom, maybe something to stream Netflix from and I'm thinking about eight dozen adapter cables because I'm sick and tired of never having the right thing to plug my one thing into another thing.

Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure I owe a bunch of people "marital aids" from hilarious holidays past.

One year I spent way to much on Jo's Christmas gift,
which I named "Joe" and kept for a year. As
two years' gifts, he's perfect.

 Well, I have a new bullet for the list, something that can be done rather easily and cheaply:

When I'm rich, I'll finally buy all the paid apps I've been illicitly using on my iPhone because I don't want to pay for something until I try it, then never actually pay for because I rationalize being poor and supporting digital piracy as a freedom of information transfer.

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