Friday, April 22, 2011

Pajama Jeans: Like Jeggings, Except for Breathing

Yup, that's Pajama Jeans. Nope, not "jeggings," these are pajama jeans.

The difference is apparently in that it's "DormiSoft" fabric, a "proprietary blend of cotton and spandex," whereas jeggings would either be all cotton and dyed to look like jeans or some different combination of cotton denim and stretchy things.

I think the real difference is jeggings are way more passable and "highish" fashion. They might, from a great distance, be mistaken for actual jeans. Of course they might also be mistaken for body paint.

 No, these seem more like sweat pants or yoga pants that might, even from a grand distance, be mistaken for really really shitty jeans.

Plus, these aren't skin tight after the butt. That way no one will notice your horribly misshapen tree stumps. So there's that.

Ooh! And if you act "now," they'll send you a free heather gray cotton crew-neck babydoll tee. It's starting to look exactly like a trip down to Old Navy.

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