Sunday, January 17, 2010

On Chris Rock + NEW LAYOUT!

Throughout all television I can remember, F*R*I*E*N*D*S has some friends but they were not my friends, Cheers had people drinking but I did not raise my glass and–as far as I can tell–Everybody Loves Raymond was pretty much hated by every single person I've asked, however no show has really had such a poignant, on-the-money title as Everybody Hates Chris.

In fact given its best odds I would say most people are apathetic about the circumstances of Chris. Many people are completely unaware of Chris, and those I'm assuming even the people who have seen Chris are keenly noticing that it is basically Bernie Mac narrating Malcolm In the Middle, since nothing Chris Rock has ever said has been funny and clean enough to put on network T.V.

Which is a shame, really. Chris Rock is hilarious. The problem is he's just not funny when he's holding back. We all want to see him be witty and apropos, especially us white people because the more mainstream and intellectual he becomes the more comfortable we are saying the word "nigger" to our other white friends when we retell his jokes about how hard it is to grow up in the projects.

That said, here is an image I drew back when DreamWorks decided Madagascar needed a bunch of spin-offs and sequels. Every time I look at it I smile broadly and think to myself that whoever else sees it and laughs heartily is someone I would do well to get to know.


In other news, yo may notice that Sound A Doggy Makes now appears in reasonable dimensions for viewing by modern computers! Yes, I am not sure why Blogger insists on only utilizing 60% of the available workspace on most screens, but I have slaved over hot code for almost seven hours today reverse-engineering HTML and Blogger's tag system, as well as Photoshopping my usual template into a more robust visage, all in the name of bringing you all a better blog-trolling experience!

Actually, that's a lie.

Officially it is The Sound A Doggy Makes' One Yeariversary on the 27th and in celebration I will be putting some extra effort in to make this thing sparkle and kick ass, not unlike a certain breed of MTV2-loving emotive vampires, BUT WITH MORE ASS KICKING!

So yes, the official countdown begins tomorrow when I shall unveil something so secret I haven't thought of it yet. [I was going to put the old code back up and unveil the new site design but it was so goddam annoying I'm leaving it now so I don't mess anything up.]

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  1. top=notch drawing, suprising i didn't see that one earlier


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