Friday, January 15, 2010

On Tabloid Journalism

So I was standing in the check-out line at the supermarket today and spent my time looking over the tabloid pickings as usual. Since the Weekly World News and Bat-Boy ceased printing it's been mostly SOCCER MOM ABS and BRAD AND ANGELINA: THE END, but today was a special kind of hell.

This week Sarah and Bristol Palin are featured on the cover of In Touch magazine holding Bristol's babies.

As horrible a person as I am, I figured in my own head I was safe from retribution. I thought I could ask myself, "I wonder if you can tell which baby is retarded?"

Yes, I am a terrible person, alright? But yes, you can totally tell which baby has Down Syndrome and it's not even remotely funny. It looks like the baby is half-Asian. Look at the two babies and you'll say, "Alright, that's a baby. And … that's a retarded baby … huh."

If they weren't exploiting this for a story, I'd think In Touch's art director most likely shot a photographer in the face over this.

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