Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On Responsibility II: Knowing Who You Are At the Heart of Things

So last night I dreamed that I was driving a car over a snowy, hilly road.

Now I do drive cars occasionally. It is also currently winter in my hemisphere, so this all just really falls into place, doesn't it?

Anyway, likely because I was asleep and could tell my hands and feet were not actually responding to my brain's desire to turn the wheel into the skid or feel a break under my foot, I managed to drive up a hill in someone's driveway and sort of maybe kind of crush out their rear passenger-side window by driving over their car like a monster truck. But I only crushed them a little. Nicked the vehicle is more like it.

Anyway, I undeniably hit like two cars and thought I might have been able to get away without saying anything about a third.

But the important thing was this: after I got my car back on track and parked it outside my new apartment (where I was apparently moving in with Jay and DEAN) and unpacked most of my big stuff, I began writing out a nice letter to the car's owner claiming responsibility and offering to pay for his new window. Moreover, I was plannign to copy this letter verbatim for the other car I smashed.

It turns out I am a class act, guys! I mean I always knew I was a classy dude when I wanted to be, but it seems all my talk about Law and Social Contracts and The Golden Rule isn't just theory! I'm a genuinely good person! At least when I dream I destroyed some cars, I mean.

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