Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jay Leno Facts

To commemorate the final episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien while I'm out finally seeing "Avatar" I bring you this thing, all spun out of control after Chris tweeted, "When Jay Leno isn't wearing a suit he wears a denim shirt … please explain why this man is appealing…." Thanks, Chris.

  • When Jay Leno is not hosting The Tonight Show, he is hosting The Tonight Show.

  • When Jay Leno is not physically in New York, his chin still is.

  • When Jay Leno isn't beating Conan in the ratings, he is beating a dead horse to death.

  • When Jay Leno isn't stepping all over a punchline, he's walking all over Johnny Carson's grave.

  • When Jay Leno isn't gobbling NBC knob, that's what Kevin Eubanks is for.

  • When Jay Leno is gobbling NBC knob, Kevin Eubanks is tickling the balls.

  • When Jay Leno is reading this, he is a very nice man who was put in a terrible position by a network that sacrifices forethought and loyalty for short-term profitability.

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