Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Resolutions

I typically don't make New Year's resolutions. I'm that kind of person. Part of me says you're more likely to make a resolution you know you'll probably break or, quite the opposite, one you know it'll be easy to achieve. In either case it just seems pretty useless.

I usually feel that if there's something about my life I really want to change I'm supposed to have the strength of will to achieve it on my own or not at all. I don't need some kind of self-imposed holiday ruling to guide me, I can make my own arbitrary self-imposed deadlines, thank you.

That said, I've been going through a real uncharacteristic bout of positive body image of late, and I'm kind of wishing I had made "Get in shape" a New Year's resolution, if only to be able to say I accomplished it by January 6th.

I've never been in shape before. I've never been out of shape, but this whole looking good while being healthy thing is just kind of creepy. All of a sudden I'm looking forward to beaches and going shirtless and having sweaty, man-crazy arm wrestling matches in smokey truck stop barrooms.

But like all New Year's resolutions this too will probably fade. Hopefully if that happens all my friends will have already given up their designs on a healthier life too, and I'll still look fit by comparison.

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