Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Career Catch-22s

You ever get into one of those cycles where you can't seem to really get much of anything done, because everything you need to do is reliant on everything else getting finished first? This last week was my own personal Yossarian vacation.

Want a better paying job. Better job requires experience. Can't afford experience without better paying job.

Can't afford to move to a new place with more jobs unless I already have a job there that pays enough to be able to afford to move there, which I can't accept until I have a place to stay.

Can't stop hearing complaints about a job until I have money, won't get money until I sell my book, no one will accept my book as a job until I have money.

Just want to marry a rich doctor lady, but can't do that until I get plastic surgery and ab implants, but I can't afford ab implants until I have money, and I won't have money until I marry a rich doctor lady!

Man, life is hard. How did Betty Crocker do it?

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