Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Heightened Security

You may have noticed a redirect page in getting here today. That is because today I purchased the official domain name! The results of this are

A) A shorter, simpler domain name you can more easily remember
B) You can now mail me at the terrifically official sounding ""
C) It's harder for me to edit individual old posts now, and
D) I needed to redo my business cards yet again.
Now my cards have this cute little QR code on their backs!
So if you have a phone that does magic, this little bugger will send you straight here!
Of course, Blogger still hosts this site, and Blogger is a Google service, so I can assure you all your favorite stuff will still be here. How can I know this? Because as I set up my administrator account for something called Google Apps, I was told to input a password at least 6 characters long. I put in the short version of my default password, and got this message:

That's right.

Google is so secure, your 6-character passwords have to be eight characters long.

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