Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things Charlie Sheen Might Actually Be On

Alright, Dean, you win.

Things Charlie Sheen Might Actually Be On:
  • Drugs
  • Twitter, denying that he is on drugs
  • Methadone, to stop being on drugs
  • Either "The Ball" or "Top of His Game," since apparently he is constantly winning
  • Network news at least once every 48 minutes
  • Par with his brother, Emilo Estevez's character Gordon Bombay in the opening scenes of The Mighty Ducks where he gets pulled over for a DUI.
  • Top of Old Smokey, if "Old Smoky" is the name of his crack pipe.
  • A hooker/porn actress, depending on if there's a camera present
  • And off again with drugs
  • (A) horse
  • Mood stabilizers
  • -omatopoeia 
  • Tiger blood
Charlie Sheen's father Martin Sheen once couldn't get on an
airplane because his driver's license still reads "Martino Estevez."

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