Sunday, March 20, 2011

On Real Life Conversations, Part VII Apparently

"What did you see?"
"Oh? How was it?"
"Awesome!…We got to see a big black cock."
"It was curved to the left. And tiny Asian penis."
"Yeah, it's good with the big bulbous head and the curve…." [Arm gesture]
"Remember that scary movie where one poked through the wall?"
"What the fuck kind of scary movie were you watching where a big black cock goes through a wall?…And how hard does that…how does that even work?"
"No, no, not a scary movie, Scary Movie!"
"OH! I thought you meant like a horror movie, not Scary Movie! I've never seen it."
"You've never seen Scary Movie!?"
"Why not?!"
"That was really funny. It poked his ear."
What'd you guys see?"

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