Sunday, March 27, 2011

On Robots

Honestly, I'm getting a little annoyed at our squandering of robots.

Yes, I'm really excited that we don't live in a world where I've already been killed because my advanced brain is a threat to our mighty metal overlords, but they recognized my flesh is weak and gets easily winded.

Still, Japan should have had a few nuclear powered giant robots by now. That would have solved a few recent problems pretty easily (or caused a hell of a lot more).

Robots build our appliances, but that's about all they seem to do. That and break dance. We need to get on making more humanoid autonomous robots with varied skills. Either that, or we have to work on the AI we put into our basic, everyday crap.

The other day I walked up to an automatic door and for once I actually trusted the thing to open promptly and safely. For once I didn't hesitate or give it the half-second courtesy skip so I could wak through unmolested. I trusted it to open for me before I got there.

You let me down, automatic door. In fact, you're lucky I have the reaction time of a cat in the prime of his life, hopped up on cocaine and catnip. I stopped in front of you with an inch between my face and your glass before you stalled out and eventually whirred open. If I were even the slightest bit more Jewish I would have had a noseful of glass.

You're on notice, robots. Either get with it or take over the world already. I'd probably support you anyway.

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