Friday, March 4, 2011

Of Anesthesia: A TMI Thursday Adventure Through Space and Time and Testicals

So it turns out the lumpy scar thing on my leg is actually called a "benign fibrous lipoma," which basically translates from moonspeak as "lumpy scar thing."So says the little Chinese surgeon named Jack. I like this guy. He reminds me of the OBGYN from Knocked Up.

Honestly, this is of absolutely zero note except for one thing I just realized: I will be getting local anesthesia to my upper thigh. How is that funny? Because if the affected area is broad enough, my balls could be tripping balls.

Guys, that's like balls-squared. Square balls.

Or even ballballs.

That's like four spacial dimensions of balls, cats and kittens. 4-D balls. Disney Real-DTM 3-D ain't gonna have anything on my junk.

Diagram of a 3-sphere.
This is what both of my balls will look like when
they are tripping over themselves.
*This attempt at humor is derived from finding the humor in gross things. It in no way is serious, nor am I terrified of having cancer. I do not have cancer. If I did I would be making much better jokes about something else.

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