Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nerdy Limericks


A young physicist there was at CERN,
Whose research endeavored to learn
If the Higgs did exist,
But shaking his fist,
Exclaimed "Let's give string theory a turn!"


There once was a marine biologist
Who never had gotten the full gist
That when seahorses mate,
It's the male that "is late,"
So she gave up and said, "I'm through with this!"


One twin took a journey all through space,
Though at a relativistic pace.
Returned to his brother,
Oh how he did shudder,
At seeing his grizzled old man face.

Free Running

I once saw a man doing parkour.
What would I need to know that for?
Then on G4TV
I happened to see
It's boring to just walk on the floor.


There was a young pilot named Starbuck,
Whose lexicon could have used some luck
She kept saying "frakking"
When the word she was lacking
Was really a good old fashioned "fuck."


Since M-Day got all our powers p0wned
On the mutant messiah we honed.
Then Cable did take her
To the future to save her,
But she's probably just a Jean Grey clone.

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