Monday, March 28, 2011

Safety Tip: Glass

"Nothing at all will fly through this pane of glass, Thomas!"
"Most assuredly not, Harold!"
Needed to hang up a large picture frame today.

It was not designed to be hung immediately. Had to nail a couple of brackets to the back. Obviously, the glass should have been removed first.

Ha! Joke's on you! You thought I forgot that part and smashed the glass everywhere. Wrong! Oh, ye of little faith in my manly might. No, I remembered that without the slightest effort. Instead, I bent up all the little metal pins keeping the cardboard backing in place, then lifted the glass carefully from one end, making sure to add support underneath to prevent bowing.

Yeah, except the frame was too tight at the other end and snapped off a tiny piece of glass anyway. There goes that whole plan. And … now I have a 2'x3' pane of glass that needs to get thrown away surreptitiously because we don't have bulk trash pickup. Oh, and our garbage bags are only 20" across.

Obvious solution? Take the glass out back, stick it in a larger bag from the new office chair's empty box, grab the hammer you were going to use to affix the brackets and smash the fuck out of some giant glass.

Surprisingly hard to do on purpose, actually. Really gotta lay the glass down flat and give it a good whack in a couple places. Then you just gotta avoid shredding your hands on the jagged shards.

Totally did that too.

Scraped my hand up pretty good in the refrigerator right after, though. That little plastic cage over the door light is a bitch.

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