Saturday, March 26, 2011

On Spoons

I never really drank hot beverages growing up, save for some pre-made hot cocoa of course, and I only ever used the small fork and small spoon because I was a tiny child. I still almost exclusively use tea spoons and salad forks, but for a few things here or there I bust out the soup spoon. (Mixing heaping spoonfuls of Tang, anyone?)

Well the whole system got thrown out of whack when I started drinking hot tea. I even add milk and sugar/honey, so a spoon is absolutely necessary. And every time I reach into the utensil drawer for a spoon I have to remember which one to use.

"This is a Different Thing, right? So I need to use the Different Spoon? Is that how this works? No, no, I think I use the little spoon. Which is that again? The teaspoon? Damn, I really hope it's the teaspoon and not the tablespoon…."

And then I remember that I'm an idiot.

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