Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Precious Memories 3

Before you get to tired of these, this will be the last rummage through my old notebook doodles for a while. I can only hope you find more happiness and interest in your classes that I did in some of mine.

Various attempts at a mathematical/graphical expression of
"I love you equal-to-or-more than a fat kid loves cake."
I am not always proud of my doodles. I sometimes fly too close to the sun.
That's when I usually make ridiculous comments next to them.

A partial cast of Mighty Max, drawn from memory.
Because we were discussing Virgil's Aeinid
This you might recognize as a diagram of Dante's Hell.
Please note the kangaroo when one exits in the Southern hemisphere.
Apparently, this is how I thought Marxism came about.
I have mentioned this before, I think.
I had a couple periods when I liked splitting embarrassingly stupid words which got stuck in my head.
I figure if anyone deciphered them, they deserved to read words like "ORGASMO" or "VAGINA."
Anyone who played Final Fantasy VII as a kid would probably be surprised to learn "Sephiroth" is a real thing.
Also, that it was a real thing in kabbalahistic Judaism. And looks cool. You can see a 2- and 3-D diagram, as well
as a 2-by-2 attempt bleeding through from the opposite side. Neat.

Gulliver's Travels was interesting and I wish my workload for any class including this one that semester
had allowed me to actually read the book. Still, intelligent horses lead to some odd associations.
"Big Fat Dirty (Pedophile) Uncle Walrus."
This was from reading The Aeinid too. I don't know what that thing is on the left,
but on the right that's Zeus boning a chick as a swan.

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