Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boston Pt. 1

Good thing I brought my business cards. I can hand them out through all of "Call Me, Maybe." I didn't even know that was a club song. I thought it was just everywhere else.

It figures the first person any of us talk to in a Boston bar is from New York too.

Just saw some guy almost get tossed for cutting in line at the bar. This town needs to grow a pair.

I think we enforce a higher standard of beauty in New York. We tell them they're ugly and make all our women get plastic surgery.

Skinny and long college bar with a bunch of pale, thin hipsters dancing spastically to old school hip hop? My kind of place! Of course my friends would instantly detest it. There's a reason none of them have ever seen Party Dave. Party Dave only rocks out where he can hear himself talk. Specifically about philosophy and useless crap you've never heard of. And Star Wars.

What kind of city has seagulls instead of pigeons?

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