Saturday, June 2, 2012

Juxtaposition! Or: Just Foolishly Hypocritical

Generally, the fun of working in a book store comes from mocking the customers. It's retail: functionally, you're living inside an early Kevin Smith film. I mean, face it, odds are in favor of the employee serving you having a humanities degree and a minimum of 15 I.Q. points on you.

Alright, sometimes it's more like 40 points.

Case in point: today a woman bought 50 Shades of Grey. Taken alone, this sentence is like saying, "Today, some things happened and people were breathing a bit," but this is one of those And Then What Happened stories.

She bought 50 Shades along with Heaven Is For Real. For the unaware, this is a book written by a pastor, who claims that his then-4 year old son had an extended near-death experience after emergency surgery. It's a big, yellow book with a picture of a kid who kind of looks like Forrest Gump on the cover. He's missing a tooth, he has no idea how to dress himself or where to put his hands. He's a kid. And he, along with a certain shade of yellow, is now an iconic image for the Christian faith and the power of the love and innocence of Jesus Christ.

This is a wonderful companion to the poorly-written schlock that has been frequently described as "Mommy Porn."

But to be fair, the character's name is Christian Grey, so I guess the Bible Babes Book Club is off the hook this month.

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