Friday, June 29, 2012

I Hit A Dogma In My Karma Today

"There is no temple, only Shuuuuuule."
Driving down a road I'd driven hundreds of times before, I noticed that one of the semi-local Jewish synagogues had gotten a new sign for itself, a nice electronic number with scrolling text they could just reprogram instead of putting up little plastic letters every week. It proudly professed, "SHABBAT SERVICES."

Man, I really hope that wasn't an orthodox temple. Nothing worse than trying to find a Friday night service, not knowing where to go, and realizing that in addition to a just yet somehow incredibly spiteful God, the lack of any prophesied messiah materializing, and the continuous desire to murder us throughout history, you now have to have faith that the only building observing the no-work policy on your particular holy day is actually your people.

You can only strain belief so far.

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  1. Also, Mahopac doesn't allow signs like that. I don't know how the hell they got away with it. My first reaction was, "Do they turn that off on Friday nights?"


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