Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today Was a Day for Idle Thoughts

And yet still pretty masculine.
RE: Alan Scott, Earth 2's Green Lantern being retconned as homosexual
  • Whatever, man. Northstar was gay in like EVERY Marvel universe, well before a burly bear in pirate pants and a bright green cape with ENORMOUS LAPELS hopped out of the birdcage.

RE: The Rebirth of "Oprah's Book Club 2.0"
  • Come on, lady. So you liked "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed. Did you really have to reinvent your book club and demand that millions of women everywhere read it so you can all talk about it together? Most people would just write up a very approving blurb on GoodReads, you know.

RE: Dated AM Pop Radio
  • Gavin DeGraw, what ARE you trying to be, lately?

RE: Self-Help Guru Wayne Dyer
  • Hey, Wayne, how about "manifesting" yourself some hair?…Alright, that was a little low. But dude, you've got a scary name, for a guy who's supposed to be where the meek and beaten-down turn. And you've got like a million books a guy has to keep in stock, which just makes him resentful. It's not your fault, it's my hangup. I'm gonna go read some Louise Hay.

Also, there was a lot of puppetry. It was a … fun week, all-in-all.

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