Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On Sandwiches

I'm not particularly proud of this sandwich,
as I made it to-order, rather than being trusted
to make the best sandwich, however the eater

take a photo of it and praise it to this day.
So, I'll take that one.

Me: Getting tired of those Make-me-a-sandwich jokes. Like I'd ever trust a woman or anyone else near my sandwiches.

Mike: Yea I never got that either. Why would I want anyone else to make my sandwiches? Even if I'm acting purely chauvinist/stereotypical, what is it about the female sex that means sandwiches?

Me: The first guy to make a sandwich was the Earl of Sandwich's chef. A man. I make vegetarians envious of my sandwiches by description alone. Men angrily demand I stop describing them out of Pavlovian salivation and spite. I don't want anyone near my meat shingles.

Mike: Mine are better.

Me: Every man things his is best, bigger and badder, more satisfying than any other. And any woman that truly loves us would say nothing different. I will not get into this argument.

Mike:  Are we still talking about sandwiches?

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