Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boston Pt. 2

They knew.

Smiley faces in texts are like saying "I love you": never do it before the other person

Cyrano and Roxanne text messages right here. Jesus Christ.

There's a school trip on our floor. There's no way we'd get blamed for anything. The chaperones even put the little piece of blue tape on the doors to make sure no one sneaks out. Severely tempted to cut all the tape and maybe leave some empty beer cans outside their doors. Consensus seems to be only to do the cool kids' room, but I feel like making the chess nerds look baller.

"Freda's Nails and CD - Nails, Perfume, CDs, Cassettes" That's got to be a bumping business. It's located next to

"Sun Fa 99¢

(Line formatting maintained from original.)

"THIS IS A HOME" and "NOT A PROPERTY" signs taped I. The window of an apparently for sale home.

Tickets for the Sam Adams brewery are just off-season bottle labels. I love these guys.

Sam Adams 26.2: it made Murray believe in unicorns.

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