Friday, June 22, 2012

I Hope I Become Famous | Boston | We Might All Me Murdered

Today was very much A DAY. Lots of things, all EXTREME, possibly with extra X's, none of it terribly consequential.

The takeaways:

1. I have a featured column up at Good Men Project!

Right on the front page, "above the scroll," AND IN THE SLIDESHOW!
Direct link here: Transformers as an Allegory for Transsexualism in America.
(It originally appeared on here and will likely make it into my book one day, if Michael Bay doesn't sue me or make a gritty reboot of my book.)

2. I'm Headed up to Boston for a long weekend celebrating a friend's birthday. We will be touring the Sam Adams brewery and then attending a Red Sox game. It is entirely expected for us to be molested, ejected, and hopefully respected for returning home alive. Also, we may not all return from this alive. We knew what we signed up for though.

That said, blogs are going to be sparse the next few days, but I should be posting some interesting photos, quotes, or anecdotes as they unfold. Also, I may ask for bail.

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