Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Why? | Bailey's Non-Alcoholic Coffee Creamers

A commercial for these randomly accosted me while I was innocently attempting to watch The Parent Trap.

Perhaps I feel more strongly about this issue because I don't actually drink coffee, but correct me if I'm wrong: the very purpose of Bailey's Irish Cream is to make coffee and other brewed beverages subversively alcoholic.

Why wo-

Um, wait. Hold o-

Wha- No.

Okay, I've had Bailey's on-the-rocks and in chocolate, mostly hot but I think I've done a Nesquik here or there. Predominantly, it's been mixed in equal parts to Jameson and dropped down a half-a-pint of Guinness to create the nefarious "Irish Car Bomb." (Officially taboo of in Ireland. Unsurprisingly, they're a bit touchy on the subject. Er, digressions….)

I get it, you're trying to branch out into the mainstream coffee creamer industry. Fiscally, and easy transition and a cool bump in profits. That's cool.

And Sasha Grey is going to have a spectacular career in Hollywood now that she's retired from making porn to focus on legitimate acting.

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