Monday, May 23, 2011

Big Apple Comic Con: Not Your Big Daddy's Con

So Big Apple Comic Con. Actually, after the behemoth that was New York Comic Con this past year, BACC was much more what I would have expected from such an event. It reminded me of when I was a kid and would check out the permanent indoor flea market a couple downs over and talk to the one guy who exclusively sold Star Wars paraphernalia. It smelled of old toys and comic pages and a little bit of sweaty nerds. Here were my favorite moments:

Darth Vader and a few sandtroopers wandering around outside while the line to get in wrapped halfway down the avenue. THEY HAD THE VOICE CONTROLERS!

40-something Harry Dresden meandering about.

Fat black Ben Riley.

X-Men Noir: All your favorite characters, de-powered and stuck solving murder mysteries and whatnot. How had I not heard of this?

And I'm told that in some colleges, down South, according to my source, young women will wear a tampon soaked in vodka and absorb the alcohol directly into their bloodstream, so they can get hammered in class. I would recommend against using a red wine, but then again that may be the best camouflage of all.

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