Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sound A Doggy Makes at Big Apple Comic Con!

Today The Sound A Doggy Makes will be at Big Apple Comic Con's Spring show at Penn Plaza Pavilion in NYC!

This means that if you want to meet me and have fun, you probably should have bought a ticket a while ago and come down! (They're still available at the gate, no worries.) It also means I'm going to be triple-fisting it as my awesome self, a subtly ravenous fanboy, and as an assistant to a junior casting agent friend-type lady. (I will be acting as pack mule for all our stuff.)

This means that I will have an amazing time and write about the crazy crap I see and do.

And that means I can write off my business and train tickets as business expenses. Nice.

I totally interned at Toyfare, a sister publication to Wizard for like two weeks.
I was the fourth person fired in 5 days.
Two years later every magazine published by Wizard was killed
and they rebranded as a web site. Glad I didn't stick around.

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