Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tempur-Pedic - Really, really expensive

My dad has a Tempur-Pedic bed. Admittedly, it's pretty comfy. Also, it's way overpriced. They start at $2,899. Check out their base-model selection:

Now I've got some little shitty knock-off pillow that's made of a seafoam green spongey material and that works just fine. For $12, it certainly replaced the more expensive knock-off I'd had for a few years already. Hell, even the official Tempur-pillows are as cheap as $80. Wait a minute…

= $80

x18 = $1,440


You could totally lash together a series of Tempur-Pedic pillows for less than half the cost of a mattress of equal size. Even with a double layer.

So … looks like I'm getting a new mattress company with really low overhead.

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